Winnie & Co

Who is Winnie

My Mom-Mom, grandmother to seven others and many ‘great’. A mother to a child who battled demons in his head, who fought and lost the battle of the 90’s, the ‘AIDS virus’. A wartime mother and wife, a storyteller, a dressmaker and survivor of heartacheBorn deaf, self-taught and an inspiration to many. A quiet achiever with a generous heart. Her kitchen table, a blank canvas & Liberty fabrics told her story…her journal. These are the recipes that have woven their way through the neighbourhoods, quilting groups, crafting afternoons, family events and church fetes.These are the recipes that have celebrated moments of happiness, sadness and joy. These are the recipes that tell a story of wartime, family life, and friendship. These are the recipes that have been written in a journal all tattered and torn.  These are the recipes that bring to life these simple word, ‘Everything is beautiful to have around’.

The Co’s …

Our story is simple. We met, we drank & we laughed. Our love for coffee, avoiding crowds and spontaneous adventures, brought us all together. Our journey is based on ‘collective intelligence’.Many people have wholeheartedly embraced our humble drawer and supported us with: a quote, a truth, a photo, an introduction and a chat. The stories that people have shared are their moments. Our photos are random & real, we share moments and shoot raw. Every part of The Baker’s Drawer has been lovingly handcrafted by local MELBOURNE creatives (including us).

A special thanks goes out to… Our families (who believed) & friends (past and present) who embrace our random thoughts. Our craftsman Drew, who brought our dream & design to life.  Our mentors; Kylie Lewis from OfKin for her drawer deliveries, quotes and butchers paperTamara Erbacher for  shooting our moments & being honest in her words. Kate Dyer from Urban Safari for capturing our momentsJulie Lemmon of Cradle Rock for her pop-ins, slow cooker and pick up location. A big hug for Jason & his seven:am crew. Your coffee, chats, quiet space and moral support have fueled our journey. Now all we need is a few story tellers, humble folk like yourselves to be part of our kindness adventure.