Recipe No.6- Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry Shortcake

Memories of New Jersey Road trips…

Sometimes the best adventures are found by the side of the road.

After many attempts to grow strawberries, only to be defeated by the feral (once considered cute!) New Jersey squirrels and in the pursuit of strawberry happiness, I now understand why people persist and declare war on their backyard squirrels. These strawberries were perfect; ripe, luscious and super sweet, unlike their druggie (hormone injected) ‘Shoprite’ relatives…And added the extra ‘WOW’ to our much needed, American tick-a-box Strawberry Shortcake experiment.

“But…where is Strawberry Shortcake mummy?” Tears of initial disappointment from two 4 year-olds (something was lost in translation), soon turned to joy (upon tasting) and was worth every mouthful. America, you can keep your pumpkin pie but this recipe is coming home with me. The scone has competition. Continue reading

Recipe No. 5- Swedish Cupcakes

The Tale of the Swedish Cupcake.

Delivered in a drawer, during the wee hours of morning.

Like a ninja, Kate left ‘The Baker’s Drawer’ on the steps of a kikki.K designer’s door.
Once upon a time tea (T2) and stationery (KikkiK) became friends. They collaborated, felt happy and together they brewed Swedish Söder Tea.

The moral of this tale…
Friendship is simple, keep it real and ‘BE GRATEFUL’. Then eat cake and drink tea x

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